Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sassy Sue Update

Sassy enjoyed her former position to the right of the computer - at Silden Lane,
where she could grab my mouse to get attention.

She delighted in knocking the wireless mouse away
and getting some attention from her ploy.
Sassy has a slightly different position when she supervises my work on Letha Drive. She is on my left and often behind me. She uses her front paw to hook my sweater and pull me over. Naturally she grins at her success and snuffles at my ear.

Sassy's favorite part of the day is her walk. When she returns, Chris says, "Any new Sassy stories?" Sassy listens and grins while I talk about her latest exploits.

Our neighbor has a Chihuahua puppy we call Little White Mouse. The owner replaced his pit bulls with LWM. Sassy and I soon made friends with the tiny creature. This puppy runs to both of us, but plays with Sassy.

Children love Sassy because of her missing leg and welcoming personality. One problem I have is keeping her back from children playing. One time they all ran into the house screaming. Then one said, "I know Sassy." They came back out and began playing with her.

I posted earlier that she ate one girl's lunch, which was left on the ground. When the girl complained, Sassy smiled. Later Sassy really enjoyed hearing the story retold.

Sassy has a lot of sounds because of her German Shepherd/Cattle Dog genes. She talks over everything she does, usually making a point to hurry me along. If I talk too long with a neighbor, she bawls me out for being so slow. However, she is sure to collect petting from everyone she sees. She invites it by coming up to a person and extending her nose for the initial petting, wagging her tail.

If she wants a snack at night, I hear a high pitched whistle. Looking over, I see her licking her lips. I hide her extra snacks, but she knows that now. She looks up where they should be, waiting for the next one.

If she flaps her ears loudly, she usually wants to go outside.

If I miss what she wants to communicate, she switches her tail angrily and looks at me as one who has fallen from grace.

She loves attention, so it is fun to have her with us everywhere except certain errands. If she can go along on trips she is very happy, but loud when the trip takes her to a new place. Normally we go to Walmart and the post office. I can put the window down for her to communicate with people while I get things done. Her favorite position is at the wheel, which amuses everyone.

To initiate a walk, she leans into me and shows every kind of affection. Although we try to use code to talk around her, she listens for such terms as "w" for her walk, or "go" or "later." Then all peace is gone as she barks furiously about her supreme happiness.

Sassy supervises all food preparation. The same dog who is deaf to pleas about chasing a cat or squirrel will hear the rustle of a food package and investigate. If she can get an immediate tidbit, she hangs around. Otherwise she goes back to watch TV until food is served.