Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poochy Rescues Gucci

I took Sassy on her regular walk while the sun was setting. It is getting too hot in the mid-afternoon to walk her.

She stopped to touch noses with a dog loose in a yard. I could not see an owner and lights were not on in that particular home. Sassy and I walked on, but the new dog followed us or ran before us.

Finally, the dog followed us into the garage. I shut the garage door and turned on the light. I was looking into the uncomprehending face of a pitbull named Gucci. The dog did not appear to be hungry. I still had all my limbs. I found my cell phone in the house and returned to phone the owner. Gucci was quite calm but too nervous to enjoy water and some dog food.

When the owner came, I opened the garage door for Gucci. She ran out with her tail wagging her entire body.

The owner explained, "Gucci is a nice dog."

I thought, "I know. I am still alive."

Since then I have seen a number of pitbulls on a leash around Sedona. Their owners tell me that a pitbull can be a wonderful pet.

Pitbulls seem to be long on muscle, short on IQ, but Gucci figured out a way to have an adventure and still end up at home.

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  1. i love mine. sweet and smart dog!


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