Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sassy's First Week at Her Forever Home

Sassy, or Sassafras.

Sassy had a wonderful first week. Precious and Treasure, our two rescue Shelties, had a little trouble with their big sister, but they both accepted her by the end of the week. We now have regular dog puddles on the bed, with all three touching each other. Watching a tiny Sheltie do a lip curl is pretty funny, mock ferocious. Both dogs showed a little temper at having their territory disturbed, but they adopted Sassy right away.

Sassy gets a daily walk to the park, where she chases balls as long as it suits her. She can run effortlessly with one hind leg, but she tires easily. When she is winded, she stops chasing the ball.

Now any movement toward the door or suggestion of going out is greeted with a panoply of Sassy signals. She has an odd muttering noise she makes when especially happy. She reserves that for walks or getting ready. She reaches out her paw, just like a hand, to show how much she wants to go. She snagged my sweater several times to get my attention.

Sassy gets to mock the house-bound dogs as we go to the park. She is supposed to be quiet, but she lets loose one high-pitched Cattle Dog yelp and that warns the block ahead. Then she feels obliged to meet the barks aimed at her and raise the level a bit higher. On the way back from the park she is content to let them sound off. She has a short answer, which seems to suggest, "I was at the park. You weren't."

Sassy is already famous as "the three-legged dog." People walk over to meet her, and she loves up everyone. Several children have said, "May I pet your dog? She is so pretty." One girl's father said, "We have five rescue dogs." He rolled his eyes.

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  1. Sassy, congratulations on your new home! We are so hoppy that you found a great family.

    Come visit us at and share your story with all of us three legged dog lovers!


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