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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rescue Cats

Zathras, Josie's rescue cat.

Dani with Xander in the cat tree.

Rescue pets come up in conversation all the time. Our son's family has five cats, four of them rescued. They are beautiful cats, like Zathras, affectionate and entertaining. Josie has loved animals from the time she was a toddler. Her Christmas gift this year was a second cat tree. The cats climb up and have mock battles in the tree. Xander likes the cat tree, too, but he is displaced now.

Norman Teigen has several rescue cats.

So far it seems as if rescue cats do not have the same groups distributing them as dogs have. Owners of cats seem content to abandon them away from their neighborhood in the hopes that the cat will be adopted or adapt itself to hunting. The Jackson cats were all found this way, one wandering into church.

I suspect that a certain house has cat scratches on the curb, similar to what transients have used. The message seems to be, "Cats welcome here," because they show up regularly and let themselves be taken in. Suspicions of a conspiracy are difficult to supress.

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