Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Just Love Cats

Photo by JJ

Sassy is a superb cat hunter but never hurts them. She even desisted when cornering the neighbor's cat on its doorstep, with the neighbor watching. This distant neighbor loves Sassy. Fortunately, the dog's impulse control finally clicked on.

Sunday, when we walked at around 6 AM, Sassy found three cats on the ground. I only saw one, but Sassy chased them over their fences by charging them, driving them from their cover in bushes.

Morning morning, no cat was available for chasing as we walked toward the park. However, cats are either dumb or insolent. Maybe they do not learn very quickly. On the way back, Sassy caught one her regulars on the ground and got it flying into the garage, the door left a bit open at the bottom.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sassy Loves the Park

Sassy developed powerful muscles in her chest.
Our granddaughter Josie says Sassy has "an invisible fourth leg."
Sassy still stops traffic with her three-legged runs."
Photo by JJ.

Sassy loves her daily walks to the park. She meets new and old friends every day. All of us get going early because the summer heat is upon us - 108 in the shade right now. At 5 to 6 AM, the weather is perfect in Phoenix, as "Dawn, the rosy-fingered child of Morn appears." (Homer)

Sassy always runs over to meet her canine friends. She was quite unsure of a German Shepherd twice her size. The German Shepherd was well behaved and wanted to watch Sassy chase her ball. Somehow, Sassy ran a wide circle away from her friend as she returned the ball each time.

Sassy was not intimidated by a full-sized poodle. She must do a quick read of each dog's character.

Sassy's German Shepherd breeding is obvious to everyone. She is a grouch in bed when falling asleep. The Shelties are not much better, delivering kicks to anyone petting them or getting in their way during a serious nap. Sassy used to sit up in bed and give a loud, menacing bark, her lower jaw quivering, when touched the wrong time.

She has learned not to be so bossy about her bedtime, but she is funny in another way. She decided the best place to sleep was at the top, among the pillows, so she curls up there every night, sometimes with a head draped on my pillow. She may growl a bit if I am too close to her. I ask her, "Am I in your bed or are you in mine, you poacher?" She reaches out a paw and presses down, as if to say, "Watch your blood pressure."

She may turn toward my wife and use her paws out to keep track of her. Chris adores Sassy.

Precious has mock fights with Sassy each night. Each one plays at being attacked on the ground. Sometimes they clap their jaws at each other in bed, then settle next to each other. Treasure joins them in three-dog chases in and out the doggy-door, best done at 2 AM.