Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Just Love Cats

Photo by JJ

Sassy is a superb cat hunter but never hurts them. She even desisted when cornering the neighbor's cat on its doorstep, with the neighbor watching. This distant neighbor loves Sassy. Fortunately, the dog's impulse control finally clicked on.

Sunday, when we walked at around 6 AM, Sassy found three cats on the ground. I only saw one, but Sassy chased them over their fences by charging them, driving them from their cover in bushes.

Morning morning, no cat was available for chasing as we walked toward the park. However, cats are either dumb or insolent. Maybe they do not learn very quickly. On the way back, Sassy caught one her regulars on the ground and got it flying into the garage, the door left a bit open at the bottom.

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