Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sassy Signals

Your mouse is mine now.
 I need a tummy rub.

We were warned that Sassy's Cattle Dog nature would mean a talkative dog, but she is more than a little talkative. Sassy is so expressive that we laugh at all her signals.

Cats and dogs will use a paw to get attention. Sassy has levels  of paw action and commands:

  • The gentle prod - are you thinking about my food yet?
  • A more insistent prod - food, I already mentioned this politely.
  • Slow tail rotation - fair warning that someone is not doing his job.
  • Fast tail rotation - now I am really unhappy.
  • Tail rotation on my arm - stop on the computer and take care of me.
  • Holding down one of my arms - no more computer, stop and pet me. I start laughing at the power of her personality and leg strength. She laughs too. I used a wired mouse since she got so good at knocking my wireless mouse into hard to reach places, laughing.
  • Loud tail thumping, ears back, eyes squinting - I mean it!
  • Dropping Mrs. I off at the doctor's - Oww-woo-woo-woo. You forgot her! Sassy is quite serious about this until she learns that we will come back to get Mrs. I.
  • Resting up against me on the bed, facing me, smiling - I have a job for you soon - walking.

After our granddaughter tumbled backwards, no harm done,
Sassy got herself into the posed picture.

Sassy knows that a bark into the bank's drive-through speakers will get her treats and a big smile. The tellers grin at her and talk about what a smart dog she is. The one who did not smile - no longer working there.

Sassy really loves women, who almost always fuss over her. Once she spots a new friend, she walks up to say hello. If the woman starts complimenting her and petting her, Sassy lays her ears back, points her face forward for kissing, and wags her entire body.

Sassy is tentative with small children. Her loud, happy barks startle them. She is careful around them and always wants to be the center of their attention. If she knows the children, she settles down in the shade and watches the yard.

If I talk too long...
Bark! Very loud and insistent.
Are you in a hurry?
Do you have an appointment somewhere?
She is a little more inclined to rest for a bit, but she has favorite places to visit. and she is not going to wait long.

When Sassy would not sit with Ronald McDonald's statue on a bench,
she grinned to make up with me.