Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sassy and her fur-sisters are moving to Arkansas, because Greg and Chris have a chance to live near their son's family. That means a permanent vacation, of sorts, with three delightful grandchildren about 15 minutes away. The grandchildren have rescue cats, but they love dogs too.

Sassy has enjoyed Glendale. She cleaned up the mean streets of Poinsettia. Where cats once roamed at their pleasure, now felines tremble and hide. Some head for the trees. Others zip under the semi-open garage doors. Sassy's favorites hit Mach 1 crossing the street or leaping over the fence.

Sassy has come face to face with many cats and kittens. If they play innocent and just look at her, she does nothing. She has great intuition for their sense of guilt. If they run, she boosts their speed as much as she can.

Today her street was free of roaming cats. It will probably take years for them to start purring again in the morning.

Sassy is enormously popular here. She greets every dog and person she meets, wiggling with pleasure when people talk to her. The pet owners all know her by name and call out to her. Dogs want to play with her and plant their front feet, which is canine speech for, "Let's run around the park together."

She will have a park-like setting in Arkansas, and squirrels to train in the art of survival.

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