Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Think Sassy Is Trying
To Tell Us Something

"Getting shoes on? You need to walk? Sweater? Time for a walk! You are leaving the computer? That is a perfect time for a walk."

Sassy is a talker and very sensitive about her rights. She enjoys daily walks to the park, where we throw her blue ball. One day went by without a complete walk, and Sassy was higher than a Cardinals fan.

Sassy is very talkative, more than any dog I have known. She has a complete set of sounds for her walk, which range from "mao, mao, ma, ma" to murmurings of great contentment.

Sassy got four teens to come over and ask about her at the park. Dog owners come out of their homes to see Sassy and talk to her. Sassy always wiggles with happiness and meets each stranger and her old friends. Chris wondered, "What if Sassy had four legs? Would she be a celebrity?"

Tonight she was giving me loud barks while I was watching and reviewing a film on the computer. There was no mistaking her indignant, "Bark!" as she looked out into the hot tub room.

There I saw Treasure and Precious enjoying two halves of the rawhide bone Sassy was chewing before. Sassy was too lady-like to seize the bone, but not too delicate to tell on her fur-sisters. Treasure got the hint and walked inside, so Sassy went back to her gnawing.

Sassy knows how to deflect irritation. Later, when I was still watching this long film, "Facing the Giants," I heard paper ripping. I have to write up the film for a cinema course in journalism school. For the longest time I did not look down. Finally I glanced at the floor, which was covered with scraps of paper torn up by Sassy. She looked up innocently into my face and began thumping her tail against the floor. She was happy, so I had to smile at her.

Every so often Chris says, "Look at Sassy." Sassy is fawning over her, kissing her hand, curling up against her on the bed, or gazing into Chris' eyes.

Precious and Treasure get their time too. Every so often I announce, "Group lovie time!" All the dogs pile on the bed and get petted at once. Each one has a favorite form of affection.

Treasure wants stroking around her face and shoulders. If I stop, she lifts up her paw for more petting and grins.

Precious wants her nose rubbed and her chin scratched. Stopping gets a hurt look and head movement: more, more.

Sassy is a two-legged hugger. She can grab with her front legs, hang onto an arm, hug and lick.

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