Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Precious Foxes Sassy

Precious looks like a little fox when she grins.

Treasure makes sure that the food comes to her.

All three dogs love to share in treats, so the crackling of paper makes them line up. I know chocolate is not good for them, but they love a little taste of it. When I have a square, each dog gets a tiny corner of it.

Sassy was enjoying a chew-bone when snack time came around. Precious stole her bone and walked off with it. I first saw her do that with Sacky, our Cattle Dog who died. Sacky was senior to the Shelties, but let that happen. Sassy is not so tolerant of her snacks walking away. She moved away from the line-up and retrieved her bone, resting on the bed, relishing it.

That let Precious have the ringside seat near my desk chair. Precious lined up for her taste of chocolate. So did Treasure, her daughter. Treasure affects a great sense of shyness, so I have to place her treats near her - so she can sniff them and delicately enjoy them. Sassy saw the Shelties living it up while she had her old bone. The light went on in her head and she came down to claim her taste of chocolate.

All three dogs get along great and cuddle together on the bed. The Shelties have reclaimed their rights and no longer feel threatened by that big, loud intruder named Sassy.

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