Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sassy's Wake Up Call

Recently I was sleeping a little late for Sassy, around 7 AM.

I felt a warm paw gently touching the end of my nose. I opened my eyes. Sassy was smiling at me, glad that she found the On button.

Sassy has become Miss Congeniality for the whole neighborhood. We walk to the park every day, so she is well known for fetching the ball. Adults and children marvel at her agility and speed in spite of a missing hind leg.

One woman today said, "I thought she was born that way. I cannot get over how she runs." Sassy was really showing off, leaping in the air to catch the tennis ball as it bounced away from her. If the ball bounces from her nose, she happily follows it.

Sometimes Sassy drops the ball to sniff around. Then she runs happily back without it. We have little discussions about where the ball is and whose turn it is to get it.

Sassy has a patented hug. She grabs an arm with both front legs and presses her head against the individual. She wants to meet every person on her walk and check out their dogs. Not everyone wants a dog introduction, so I keep her back from unwelcome meetings. At the park she was invited to meet one of two dogs, since the other one was a grouch. She went nose to nose and was very happy.

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