Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sassy Friends the Squirrels

Sassy, the wonder-dog, went along with me on errands yesterday. We often stop at the recycling center, which supports veterans and is run by veterans. That gets us near the Bella Vista post office, which has a waiting line of two people on a busy day.

Just before the recycling center is a neat little hardware store. When I walk in the door, someone meets me and helps me find whatever I want. This time I wanted a garbage can for bird seed and a squirrel feeder. The employee showed me the $10 feeder and found one for even less - "This one looks better too."

Sassy waited outside in the limousine, the Icha-boat. I always roll down the window for air, so she leans out and gives me a big yelp on my way into the store or post office. In spite of her missing back leg, she spends the whole trip watching me drive from between the seats, perched with that back leg on the rear seat, her powerful front legs on the arm rests.

Heading south on 71B means we are aiming at the Bentonville Bark Park, her favorite place. The barking begins early, because she would explode if she had to contain her joy. She is now quite famous as the ball snagger. The other owners depend on us to bring a spare ball, because Sassy gets the other dogs obsessed with her purple one. Tennis balls are always left in the grass, but Sassy is a fashion trend-setter with her special toy.

When we got home and finished our Dairy Queen, it was time to take care of the birds and squirrels.

The squirrel feeder is simple. Two cedar boards are joined, and a large screw comes up from the bottom for impaling an ear of field corn. I wanted to feed a squirrel close up, and this was easy to attach to the window sill. It came with two extra screws and holes in the right place. I actually found my cordless drill and got the job done in a few seconds. Sassy, who supervises all my outside work, was next door with Maynard and Homer, two enormous guard dogs with electronic collars.

Norma Boeckler

Sassy and I also trimmed back the bush near the inexpensive bird squirrel feeder. With some luck the small birds will get more of the food and the squirrels less. I expect to head to the kitchen and see the squirrel defeating my latest effort. The blue jay appearing there was enough to encourage me, and squirrel maneuvers are interesting anyway.

Sassy and I put the new ear of field corn on the feeder and added sunflower seeds to various feeding stations. I am sticking to sunflower seeds alone, because they are the best priced seed and they flow from the feeders better.

Sassy never stops grinning at her ball, knowing I will have to toss it.
Chris enjoys talking to the other dog owners when we go together.

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