Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dog Park Star and Entertainer - Sassy Sue

Our granddaughter was not hurt when the chair went over.
She held her pose for the photograph,
and Sassy Sue came into the shot to smile.
We were all laughing.

Nothing shows Sassy Sue's character more than this photo. Danielle fell over in the easy chair, a very soft landing. We were all laughing as I said, "Hold it so I can get a photograph." Sassy saw me get the camera ready and poked herself into the shot, grinning.

Sassy smiles a lot and gets other smiling.

She is the star of the Bentonville dog park. In 30 months only one dog has been able to duplicate her catches and bringing back the ball. Maggie, a black lab, did that the other week. Maggie even alternated with Sassie in catching the ball. They had a great time together.

Today Boomer, perhaps an Irish setter, also planted herself in the right spot to catch the high pop flies I toss to Sassy. Everyone had a big laugh with Boomer getting in the way, catching the ball, and running off with it. Sassie waited for her chance and tried again.

Children love to toss the ball to her and ask to pet her. One little girl did that for about 10 minutes when she suddenly said, "Sassy only has three legs!" Children often overlook the missing leg, but adults also watch her for a time without noticing.

Sassy watches out the window during the day and works me over emotionally about her trip to the dog park. She sits at my feet and mews. She looks sad. She comes into the garage with me and points at the car - her favorite thing. Cattle dogs are known for managing their owners.

Recently I took her along to the Bentonville Post Office. She knows a mail trip ends at the dog park. However, when I turned left for the post office, she looked at me like I was lost. The dog park is a right at the light. Everyone knows that. She was happy later, when we headed south for her favorite place to play.

She loves the orange ball, which is necessary but not sufficient for her fun. It must be the orange ball and the dog park.

If we go out to the back yard to toss her ball, she looks around and brings it back once. She makes it clear that playing catch in BV is not close to the fun of the dog park. It is only a sad reminder of what she is missing.

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