Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saucy Squirrel Wins Peek-a-Boo with Sassy,
But Sassy Is Still Queen of the Dog Park

Our house is ideal for birds and squirrels to have a foothold and travel however they want. We even had a chipmunk sitting on the sill, stuffing his cheeks with sunflower seeds.

No squirrel will run when challenged at the window. They know the glass makes it impossible for them to be caught. They will startle but not move. The eating is too good to abandon their stations.

Sassy longs to chase squirrels and gets to try when we are outside. Inside, her constant watch out the window is often rewarded with woodland creatures coming by : foxes, deer, possums, birds, and squirrels.

This squirrel decided to taunt Sassy by poking his head in the window and disappearing. Sassy went into a frenzy of barking. Next the squirrel appeared at the top, upside-down and peering in. More barking and running in place on the bed, scratching to get out. Then the squirrel did another quick peek from a new angle.

Sassy gave out a wounded cry, completely insulted by this behavior. Instead of watching for more, she turned her backside toward the window and looked deeply offended.

Sassy remains the queen of the dog park. She is justifiably famous for her ability to leap up for the ball on three legs and bring it back to me.

She is so aware of audiences now that she watches the pathway for an audience. Sometimes I add sound effects to get the attention of potential fans, who are too busy talking to each other or worrying about the future.. Sassy loves bringing me the ball, but she has a special smile when people are giving her applause and extra attention. I wonder if she is showing me off or I am showing her off.

Everyone loves her coloring and her soft fur. One man came up to me and shook my hand, just because we rescued her. Sassy has given us many times more than we have given her, so we think it is a privilege to have such an intelligent, gentle, loving pet. We have to laugh that she wants to be petted by two people at once, with both of us talking about her.

Now we realize how much the German Shepherd in her wants to give and receive love. But her vocals are mostly Cattle Dog. She has so many sounds, from mewing to clicking and howling, that we can have a conversation about anything. Sometimes we sing the Cattle Dog Blues, where I make up new words and she howls mournfully.

When she sleeps, her back leg (there is only one) stretches across one of us. Sometimes the paw is extended to Chris' face, just touching it.

The funniest use of her paws is her touching of my face. The claws are long and sharp, so she has learned not to poke too rapidly. Sassy sits on the bed, when my head is on the pillow, and slowly reaches down to touch my chin with the tip of her front paw. If I yell "Ow!" she does it again, in super-slow motion, with a devilish grin on her face.

She still grabs my right arm and keeps me from using the mouse when it is time to pet her. One solution is using the mouse with my left hand. Then she reaches across to stop that hand too. The funniest tactic is to see her use her head to boost my hand and house off the desk, making a face like it is hard work, but grinning at the same time. Sassy is a clown, a performer, and a master manipulator.

Sassy loves her two Sheltie sisters. Precious plays tag with her, running inside and outside the house. The universal sign of dogs wanting to play is the bow, followed by a quick dart away. Sassy tried that on Precious last night, but Precious answered by walking into the closet for bed.

Sassy is jealous of too much attention given to Treasure. If I talk too long to Treasure, Sassy begins to bark in pain. I have seen Sassy slamming her front paw on the bed to get attention away from Treasure. At other times she makes a clopping sound with her jaws.

The fourth leg is hardly missed as she leaps for her ball.
Children adore Sassy and ask to toss her ball in the air.

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