Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sassy Susan Steals a Snickerdoodle

Our daughter-in-law left us some gluten free Snickerdoodles. Chris tries to stay gluten free, and I normally make up for that preference. Gluten free can be awful, but many new foods are quite good.

I tried one cookie and really liked it, so Chris said, "Give me a half cookie. I want a little more."

I passed it behind my back because I was on the computer. I assumed my wife got it. Chris said, "No, Sassy took it from your hand."

Sassy defends herself from trouble by grinning, and she was really pleased with herself. I went to get some water, and Chris promised her more Snickerdoodles.

Sassy sat outside in the hallway, grinning at me. She heard the continuing conversation about another cookie. We all laughed about it as we had one or two more, and Sassy enjoyed it most of all.

I still love the photo we saw of Sassy on the rescue website. The grin captures her personality so well. She grins that way when she approaches her friends among the children on the block. They greet her, pet her, and ask about her.

The latest, "Where are you walking each day?"

"We are not going anywhere - it is just for exercise. We both need it."

Today, Sassy ran smiling toward the four sisters who live on the corner of our street. One is the cutest baby girl. The baby was a bit startled by Sassy's loud barks, but Sassy settled down and got some of those beautiful baby smiles.

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