Sassy Sue wows the bark park visitors with her catching and retrieving.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sassy Does Sedona

Anna, Chris, and I took Sassy up to Sedona. Sassy was great in the car, and she had Anna to pet her and talk to her the whole time. We went to Hyatt Pinon Point, which has a great view of Sedona, a Cold Stone Creamery, Wild Flower Bread Company, a pricey art gallery, and constant offers to buy time shares.

Sassy enjoyed sharing a little ice cream, which gave her a powerful thirst. She went to the flower pots and scavenged some fresh water from the overflow and later from the fountain.

Sassy now has powerful shoulders from her daily runs in the park. She is now so famous in our neighborhood that people stop me and say, "I heard all about your dog." If they call to her, Sassy wiggles up with her entire body wagging.

Sassy also goes on short errands with me. She sits in the back quietly and waits for me for a minute or two. Now that it is hot, she will not be in the car alone.

We went to McDonald's the other day. I ordered some food plus McNuggets for Sassy and her fur-sisters Precious and Treasure. "What sauce do you want for the McNuggets?"

I said, "None. The dogs get them."

"Oh that's great. I get it." She was still laughing when I paid and drove ahead.

Anna gave Sassy a taste.

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