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Friday, July 1, 2016

Sassy Does the Iberia Bank, Again.
Her Triumphant Return

One of Sassy's favorite errands was making a deposit - and withdrawal - from Iberia Bank. I would deposit a check and she would withdraw a treat - or several.

Mary loved Sassy so much that we could count on three treats each time. One new teller jumped when I had Sassy bark into the speaker. He thought that was so funny that Sassy got three treats from him too.

But Iberia decided to close our branch, as they did in Bella Vista, and send us to Robinson. Mary was retired and very sad about that, missing Sassy as well. We saw her at Walmart and she said, "I am out of retirement, working at the Robinson branch."

I said, "We will stop by and see you."

The mailman said hello to Sassy as we left.

When I told Sassy we had an errand at Iberia, she jumped up. She loves the post office, Iberia, and Walmart. When we approached the bank, Sassy began barking. Mary said she was just talking about Sassy to the other teller as we drove up. Sassy sat and barked into the mike. The other teller spilled the small treats, which was funny by itself. No, I did not laugh.

We had a conversation about ice cream treats for dogs at Walmart. Frost Pups or something like that. Sassy got one large treat and a bunch of small ones.  Mary was so happy to see her favorite dog again, and it was a great experience for Sassy and me.

As we drove home, Sassy made it clear that she knew about the little treats. The big one vanished fast, of course. I passed a few small ones to her on the way home, only 6 miles.

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